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No matter how large or small your business we offer a complete suite of payment solutions to suit your needs.


Absolute Integrity. Respect. Excellence. Our core values of absolute integrity, respect and excellence are the foundation of everything we do.


NXGEN is the only global payment services provider with a footprint throughout Western Europe, Canada, the United States and Latin America.

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2016 ISO Of The Year

Speaker of “Expanding Your ISO Business Outside The US” and winner of 2016 ISO of the Year at Transact 2016 by the ETA

2015 Largest Elavon MSP/ISO in Processing Volume

NXGEN has had double-digit growth year over year since 2002

Proprietary Analytics and ISO Tracking

Utilizing NXGEN and Fidano’s MSPWare proprietary software you can track leads, submit apps, and run your ISO from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

World’s First Truly Global MSP Network

A lot of people can process in other countries – online – but only NXGEN has invested this amount of time, energy, and planning to have in-country sales team ready to help merchants on the ground at a moment’s notice

Built Differently

NXGEN was built from the ground up for multi-engine growth. From the beginning, through careful planning and forward thinking, we built our software to support multi currency and foreign bank accounts, built multi lingual management teams, set up satellite offices, and customized technology to further our global expansion.


Just like a multi-engine jet vs. a single engine airplane, you must build the plane from the ground up to be able to withstand the added pressure, power, and speed. NXGEN has done just that:


  1. North America (sales and operations)
  2. Europe (sales and operations)
  3. Latin America (sales and operations)
  4. Fidano (software and technology)

All Other MSPs

Most MSPs only have one growth strategy – US domestic sales – NXGEN has built a company structure designed to withstand future growth, market uncertainty, and future disruptive technologies with our four core company entities (and growing).


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